Veg bag feedback…and there’s lots of it

Something happened last Saturday. Something new. Money was exchanged, photos were taken and Tweets were posted. That’s right, we sold our first ever batch of produce. How exciting!


You may remember earlier last week we sent out some Tweets and a newsletter (which if you missed it can find here) announcing that our very first veg bags were hitting the shop floor. Well, we can proudly announce that they did AND that we sold out of said bags only 2 HOURS into our usual Soup Saturday events (hooray!).

The idea behind the bags was not only to provide fresh vegetables, but to get feedback from buyers. We wanted to know what people thought of the produce, the amount of veg in each bag and what they did with the contents, and they did just that!

Our first customer, the lovely Rosie Steer, sent us this:

And this:

David Key shared this picture with us:

The Martin family also emailed some kind words after buying their bag:

“It was great to meet some embers if the team earlier today and to buy some shares 🙂 My daughter has been raving about the lentil soup which was delicious as was the celery one.  Do you have a recipe that you can share? I’m itching to try out the veggies from my bag.”

And check out this delicious looking dish sent in by Caroline and Nigel (a lot of us are also big fans of the plate itself – beautiful!):

“It was lovely to meet some of you on Saturday and to pick up our exciting first Veg Bag.  I thought you might like to see a photo of today’s meal cooked with some of your vegetables (onions, mushrooms). All best wishes for your new venture (oh and thanks for the delicious soup and sourdough!)”dish

Thank you very much to Whitmuir Farm who supplied the vegetables and everyone who bought the bags and let us know what they made.  Rumour has it that we will be selling them again in the very near future. As soon as that’s confirmed, you know we’ll post it here and on our Facebook and Twitter right away.  However, if you want to keep up-to-date with the veg bags and everything else we are doing, sign up to the newsletter (to the right of this article).

In the meantime, if you bought a bag and haven’t left any feedback, you still can. Tweet us photos @diginbruntsveg , visit the feedback page or email them to