Scottish Progressive Retail Network

Dig In is proud to be a member of the Scottish Progressive Retail Network.

We believe our community-owned greengrocer in Edinburgh provides an important, independent retail option for our customers, and we are not alone. We appreciate the relationships we’ve developed with other progressive retailers throughout Scotland and will continue to grow by learning from and sharing with those who share similar values.

Statement of Values

Members of the Scottish Progressive Retail Network are committed to:

  • providing a personal and welcoming experience to our customers
  • sourcing high quality produce
  • supporting suppliers who share our commitment to Scottish, local, organic and fairtrade products
  • making a positive contribution to our environment and society
  • being open about the traceability and sourcing of our stock
  • offering an independent alternative to corporate supermarkets
  • reinvesting our profits in the local community and economy.

Find a Progressive Retailer near you

We hope you will take the time to seek out the other members of the Scottish Progressive Retail Network in your own communities – or even when you’re exploring new areas in Scotland. Here’s a list of retailers who have signed up to this Statement of Values to help you on your way: