Become a shareholder

We are always welcoming new shareholders to contribute to and share in our vision. Please read our 2023 Share Issue for the most up-to-date information on how our Share Offer will work.

As a growing business in a highly competitive grocery market, we need working capital to:

  • increase our supplier diversity and improve our supply chains
  • make improvements to the shop
  • improve everyday shop services
  • extend our opening hours
  • cover our basic costs

Becoming a shareholder is an investment in your local community.

As a shareholder you will be able to raise motions, stand as a Management Committee member, elect committee members and vote at our Annual General Meetings. You will also be able to receive a nominal rate of interest on your investment under terms stated in our constitution (see below).

Shares only cost £25 each and all members only have one vote, regardless of the number of shares they own.

For all the small print and to invest now, download a copy of our Share Purchase Form (Word Format) and drop it into the shop to be processed. Or you can email it to

And to find out more, just pop in to the shop and ask!

Model Rules Bruntsfield Community Greengrocer Ltd (PDF format)

(the community benefit society trading as Dig-In)