A progress report

Firstly, we had a fantastic volunteer social at the beginning of April. The shop was packed with people all wanting to help with Dig-In. We hope to see evenings like this become a regular feature in the Dig-In calendar so will keep you posted if any more are organised.


Now, the bit you’ve been waiting for, photos of the shop! We brought in our trusty camera last Friday so we can share with you our progress so far. Enjoy!

Front of the shop
Front of the shop

We are very excited to announce that Dig-In has appointed the new shop manager. Susan Job joined the team at the beginning of April and has been getting stuck in with all aspects of preparing for the grand opening. Not only will Susan be working in the shop alongside our volunteers, she will also be on our social networks letting you know first hand how everything is going. So if you see her (online or off!) be sure to say hello.

Oh, one more thing! We’re also now on Instagram! Why not join us and see the latest progress of the shop as it happens.

We’ll be posting up more regularly now we’re back from holidays/finished eating Easter eggs! Keep checking back for more details about the grand opening, it’s coming soon – promise!