A few minutes with… Frankie

Frankie volunteers in the shop on a Friday in the shop, and she’s one of our Community Engagement volunteers, helping out with events such as Soup Saturdays.

We caught up with her for a few questions…

Why did you decide to Volunteer?

I moved to Edinburgh a year and a half ago and thought doing some voluntary work would be a good way to meet people, feel part of a community in my new home city and just to get out of the house regularly as I work from home. I’m – mostly – vegetarian and I love cooking and growing vegetables, so helping out in a greengrocer really appealed to me.

What do you like about Dig-In?

I find the story behind Dig In – of a community coming together – really inspiring. You can really feel the community spirit in the shop. I grew up in a small village, where the local shop was absolutely central, and really appreciate that. I also love being surrounded by all those lovely vegetables and chatting to customers and volunteers who are similarly enthusiastic.

What does a typical day at Dig-In involve?

I help close down the shop on Friday evenings. I’ll usually start by checking out all the new stock and making sure all the produce is looking its best. There’s usually something to put away, price up or some stock that can be brought up from downstairs. I serve customers and enjoy chatting with them about their dinner plans. After closing we tidy up and make sure everything is ready for the busy Saturday shift.

Favourite product from the shop… or recipe from shop’s produce…?

This changes from season to season, but at the moment it’s the blood oranges – I buy as many as I can carry every time I’m in. They’re beautiful and delicious and feel all the more special because you can’t get them all year round. I usually just eat them as they come, but sometimes I cook with them too – this past weekend I charred them in a salad with radicchio, fennel and ricotta.

What do you do when you’re not Dig-ing in?

For my day job, I work as a journalist and editor for an online magazine aimed at people working in the arts sector. When I’m not at my desk or Dig In, I can nearly always be found in the kitchen.


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