We’re One Month Old


It’s been nearly a month now since the Dig-In doors opened and we can’t quite believe it. How time flies when you’re having fun. But with the fun comes hard work and there’s been plenty of that!

Running the shop is a constant learning process. Working with suppliers, taking deliveries and staffing (apart from our shop manager Susan, the shop is run solely by volunteers) are just some of the many things happening day to day. Although we have had a few teething problems, we’re starting to find our feet and can’t thank you enough for your understanding and continued support. It’s an absolute pleasure meeting you, our customers. We continue to be overwhelmed with everyone’s kind words and love getting to know the local community. We’ve even had some photos sent in from happy shoppers.

Alan, head chef at Royal Mile’s Wedgwood the Restaurant nipped in and picked up some fresh veg. He made truffled Highland burgundy potato veloute with beetroot crisps with the Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes we stock.
A very kind lady from The Marchmont Garden donated strawberry plants and they are in the back room catching some rays.
We’ve been asking you guys to send us photographs of your Dig-in meals.
Sam, aged 6 did one better. He drew his dinner. I think we can all agree Sam is very talented.

So what’s coming up? Well, we have a lot more blogs coming your way for a start. Recipes, tips, information about seasonal foods as well as regular updates direct from the shop. We also have our first ever AGM on 17th June and will also be appearing at the Bruntsfield Primary School Fete Saturday June 7th from 11am-2pm.

Keep checking back, sending your pictures and chatting on our Facebook and Twitter.


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