January greetings, sample some soup

It’s that kind of weather isn’t it! Our warm greetings and a hot chocolate toast to 2016. Best wishes from the staff and volunteers at Dig-In and thanks so much for your support.

We’re really excited about 2016. It’s our 2nd birthday in May and there will be some celebrations planned but plenty to talk about over the coming months first.

Firstly, a call out to all our valued Shareholders. Check your inboxes for details of our upcoming 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Christ Church (the church centre next to the church) at Holy Corner, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, at 5.30PM on Monday the 22nd February 2016. As well as the formal business of the AGM and election of new Management Committee Members, we will host an informal Q&A session so it’s a great chance to come and let us know your thoughts on the shop and our future plans. We’d love some new MC members and are looking specifically for a new Treasurer – more details on the website here. If you’d like to be part of the AGM and have a say or nominate for election but are not a shareholder then become one – now – here!

We would also like to invite you all along to the store on Saturday the 13th of February for a Soup themed Saturday Session. We’ll have some trusty volunteers set up outside the shop with some soups to try and whether you’re after some vegetable goodness or something more meaty, there’s no need to look further than Bruntsfield Place for all ingredients – locally sourced and benefiting our community. Whilst it’s not the time of year when our fruit and vegetables are at their most glamorous (though the neeps will be feeling important for Burns Night) it is a fantastic time of year for hearty winter soups and stews and we’d love hear your recipes as you come to say hi. Pink Valentine’s Day Borsch with our gorgeous beets, anyone?

For a wholesome, tasty, winter meal we think the fact that you can do your whole shop at our Community Greengrocer is fantastic. We’ve got all the grains and legumes you’ll need in the backroom along with some lovely cheeses, tinned and preserved goods and in the front room as you know we stock plenty of both organic and non-organic veg (sometimes you’ll even find the organic ones are cheaper!).

As well as having a great range, we know we’re often cheaper than the local supermarkets. Some people don’t realise this; if you agree please feel free to help get the word out and support us by sharing, liking, tagging and blogging. Or, avoid the social media and simply mention it to your lovely friends and family over a drink. We’d love it if more people did a regular shop at Dig-In.  As always, if you have any queries about our stock please don’t hesitate to contact us or drop in – we like to chat.

In March we’re planning a gluten free/vegan tasting Saturday Session to sample some GF/VG goodies in store and hope to support some local charities; beyond that, plenty of appearances and events for Dig-In – stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you on the 13th February for soup and our AGM on the 22nd. Until then, please keep Digging In!