A few minutes with… Katie!

Hi Katie!

Thank you so much again for building our beautiful website, we love it! It’s a fantastic example of how much work at Dig In goes on behind the scenes by a real troop of wonderful volunteers.

So, tell us a wee bit about yourself…

I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant, which means I put things on the Internet, or consult with people about what they should put on the Internet. I’m also an Edinburgh native, born, gone to school and got my degree here!

What inspired you to volunteer with Dig In?

I left my full-time job as a Digital Officer for the Council in June and was looking for projects and things to do as a freelance consultant. I live just round the corner from the shop and noticed on their website that they were looking for a volunteer to do some work in that area. I reached out and joined the PACE committee, who work on communications and events for the shop.

What was the biggest challenge in building the new website?

It was a great project as it actually pushed me to learn some new things about hosting staging sites and other parts of the process of creating an update for an existing website. I’ve been through the whole process before but more from a client’s side of things, so it was really interesting to be able to develop my skills. The other on-going challenge is finding the exact right images to put in the right places. There are so many considerations about what will fit and look good, and what will represent the shop well – so I’m incredibly grateful to the people who’ve taken photographs for the shop and given us such a range of good options.

What’s your favourite product from the shop… or favourite recipe the shop’s produce?

I’m basically addicted to the Potato and Rosemary bread that comes from Andante on a Tuesday. It smells wonderful and I’ve been known to eat the entire loaf just with butter if I’m not paying attention!

What do you do when you’re not Digging in?

As well as running my own business, I’m a Scout leader over in Corstorphine. It’s as good an excuse as any to spend my time getting muddy and acting like a child. Activities like hill walking, kayaking, climbing, or anything else adventurous, as often as I can find the time – sometimes with the Scouts and sometimes without. I also like to travel, and try to go somewhere new every year. Again, a lot of my trips are with the Scouts, or as a grown up Scout myself (so I don’t have to look after any children!), but going alone or with friends or anything else – I’m pretty much always game.

How can people get hold of you and recruit you to build their website?

You can see my portfolio website at www.katiegoudie.co.uk and email me at curious@katiegoudie.co.uk if you’d like to chat about a project. Always happy to get coffee and have a blether with other small business owners, even if they’re not sure about what they want or need!

Thanks for checking in with us Katie, and thanks again for the wonderful website!

Want to join our team?

We’re always looking for new volunteers! Find out more by stopping by the shop, visiting our Volunteering page or email volunteer@diginbruntsfield.co.uk.