We’re Hiring: Shop Supervisor Position


An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Shop Supervisor to join Dig-In, our community owned greengrocer in the heart of Bruntsfield, Edinburgh.  As one of the shop supervisors you will be partially responsible for the day-to-day management of the shop but will also have the opportunity to contribute to business development.  We are looking for someone who shares our values; is motivated about what we’re trying achieve; excited about working with a group of diverse volunteers and enthusiastic about building and developing the business.

Read more about the job and find out how to apply here.

What’s in Season?


Dig-In is proud to be sourcing the best seasonal produce from local growers. We have delicious salads, spinach and chard from Whitmuir Farm, only 20 miles from Edinburgh. Our regular organic deliveries from East Coat Organics in East Lothian including fresh herbs, kohlrabi and new season garlic, as well as their own organic eggs which are proving so popular with you all.

We also are continuing to stock produce from the Cyrenians, just west of Edinburgh. Pop in and see what seasonal delights we’ve got in from their farm; recent additions include runner beans, courgettes and courgette flowers – perfect for filling and deep frying for a summer treat. We’re thrilled to be able to offer such fantastic produce, so get them now while they’re in season.

Juicy Scottish tomatoes are now on the shelves, and we have UK cherries, nearly black in colour and at their peak. We still have ripe summer berries coming in from Fife and our strawberries and raspberries have been flying off the shelves – we’re glad you enjoy them!

To keep up to date with what’s in stock, like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

We’re One Month Old


It’s been nearly a month now since the Dig-In doors opened and we can’t quite believe it. How time flies when you’re having fun. But with the fun comes hard work and there’s been plenty of that!

Running the shop is a constant learning process. Working with suppliers, taking deliveries and staffing (apart from our shop manager Susan, the shop is run solely by volunteers) are just some of the many things happening day to day. Although we have had a few teething problems, we’re starting to find our feet and can’t thank you enough for your understanding and continued support. It’s an absolute pleasure meeting you, our customers. We continue to be overwhelmed with everyone’s kind words and love getting to know the local community. We’ve even had some photos sent in from happy shoppers.


Alan, head chef at Royal Mile’s Wedgwood the Restaurant nipped in and picked up some fresh veg. He made truffled Highland burgundy potato veloute with beetroot crisps with the Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes we stock.


A very kind lady from The Marchmont Garden donated strawberry plants and they are in the back room catching some rays.


We’ve been asking you guys to send us photographs of your Dig-in meals.
Sam, aged 6 did one better. He drew his dinner. I think we can all agree Sam is very talented.

So what’s coming up? Well, we have a lot more blogs coming your way for a start. Recipes, tips, information about seasonal foods as well as regular updates direct from the shop. We also have our first ever AGM on 17th June and will also be appearing at the Bruntsfield Primary School Fete Saturday June 7th from 11am-2pm.

Keep checking back, sending your pictures and chatting on our Facebook and Twitter.


Dig-in Bruntsfield is Now OPEN!


It’s finally here! Yesterday, Dig-in open its doors (well, door!) to the lovely residents of Bruntsfield and passers by.

We had an amazing first day and can’t thank everyone enough for their words of encouragement and kind comments. We really felt the love.

If you didn’t manage to stop by, don’t worry. Here’s some photos from the day, taken by our volunteer Catriona O’Sullivan.

Our opening hours will be 11-7pm weekdays and 10am-6pm on Saturdays. We can’t wait to welcome you into the shop and show you around.



Shop Preparations


It’s all hands on deck at Dig-in at the moment for the big day on May 1st. We’ll be posting photos in this gallery everyday to show the progress we are making. To find out more about the opening day, sign up to our mailing list for more information or follow our social media accounts @diginvig on Twitter and /diginbruntsfield on Facebook.

Call for volunteers

As we draw closer to the big opening, we will be seeking volunteers who would like to donate some of their time to working in the shop.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please email us at volunteer@diginbruntsfield.co.uk and let us know. Shop training will begin in the near future too for all volunteers so let us know if you would like to get involved.

Join Our Social Networks

For news, photos and information direct from the shop, as it happens, why not join us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. As well as keeping up to date, you can also submit photos of your time in the shop and meals you’ve made with Dig-in ingredients by using the hashtag #diginbruntsfield on any of our networks.


It’s Been a While, Sorry!

Hi everyone!

So, although the blogs have been quiet lately, it doesn’t mean that the hard work has stopped, quite the opposite in fact. We’ve got loads to update you with so lets get started.

Firstly, we had a fantastic volunteer social at the beginning of April. The shop was packed with people all wanting to help with Dig-In. We hope to see evenings like this become a regular feature in the Dig-In calendar so will keep you posted if any more are organised.


Now, the bit you’ve been waiting for, photos of the shop! We brought in our trusty camera last Friday so we can share with you our progress so far. Enjoy!

Front of the shop

Front of the shop

We are very excited to announce that Dig-In has appointed the new shop manager. Susan Job joined the team at the beginning of April and has been getting stuck in with all aspects of preparing for the grand opening. Not only will Susan be working in the shop alongside our volunteers, she will also be on our social networks letting you know first hand how everything is going. So if you see her (online or off!) be sure to say hello.

Oh, one more thing! We’re also now on Instagram! Why not join us and see the latest progress of the shop as it happens.

We’ll be posting up more regularly now we’re back from holidays/finished eating Easter eggs! Keep checking back for more details about the grand opening, it’s coming soon – promise!

This Is Where It Gets Messy…

Like most Saturday’s, we are open tomorrow for free soup and a chat so shoppers can come in and learn more about Dig-In. That’s not all we’re doing though.

The time has come to roll up our sleeves, get scrubbing and painting, and we need your help! We will be open tomorrow (Saturday 29th March) from 11am-3pm working on giving the downstairs of the shop a little make over. If you want to help, please come along and bring some clothes you don’t mind getting grubby!

Then next week, we’ll post up some ‘Changing Rooms’ style before and after shots so you can see just how much hard work our volunteers are putting in.

(Remember Changing Rooms? What a great program!)

If you would like more information, Tweet us @diginbruntsfiel or email Volunteer@diginbruntsfield.co.uk

How We Made Our Veg Bags

You may have noticed that the lovely veg bags that were made and sold a couple of weeks ago had our logo on them. Instead of spending any money to make them, we put our heads together and got creative to brand up our carriers. We used left over materials donated by one of our volunteers, made a stencil and sprayed it on the bags. It was a bit of trial and error but judging by the reaction to the bags, definitely worth it.


Stencilling is a really cheap and easy way to add your brand to something and spread the word. This tutorial will cover how we cut and sprayed the stencil to our bags. If you would like to find out how to create your stencil design,head over to this great website for tips on stencilling in Photoshop.


You will need



1 – Draw or print out your design onto a piece of normal paper (we used a standard a4 white sheet). Place the design on top of the cutting board or piece of wood. Then place a sheet of acetate on top of the design. The reason we used acetate is because after using the stencil, we can scrub off the excess paint layers and use it time and time again.

2 – Turn on your hot pen and as it warms up, tape down the design and acetate. You don’t want it to slip whilst cutting it out! (your tape also doesn’t need to say ‘fragile’ on it…)


3 – Here comes the bit where you might need a bit of patience. Hot pens are amazing. They let you get really intricate with designs and cut fine detail. if you’ve never used one before though, practise on a scrap piece of acetate to get use to the speed and pressure you need to apply when cutting the stencil. Once your confident – then off you go! Cut around the outlines like this:

4 – Are you done? Great! Now, you may have noticed that the edges are a little jaggy. Use your sandpaper to soften them. Sand gently across both sides of the stencil. Doing this will also make sure you get nice crisp lines when spraying.


5 – OK, it’s spray time. Now, we had to do our bags indoors (living in a garden-less city flat block isn’t the best location for this craft) so we covered the whole room in bin bags and newspaper and wore masks. If you have a garden, cover a section in bing bags (which you can still use afterwards) and do it there.

Grab your bag and stick the stencil on top. Then stick a scrap bit of newspaper above the stencil to protect the rest of the bag when spraying, like this:


6 – Make sure the bag is as flat as possible to avoid overspray (something we didn’t manage to do given the not-so-good spraying conditions). Shake the can, hold directly over the top of the stencil around 15-20cm away and spray. Keep moving from left to right across the design until it’s all coloured in. Leave for a few minutes then lift.

HOORAY! You’ve made  your bag.

7 -Now! we sprayed a two-tone effect on our bags to encompass the Dig-In colours. To do this is easy. After you’ve sprayed the first colour (and it’s dry), wash the stencil and place it back on the bag. Now, move it down 2cm and to the right 2cm and spray your second colour. It should then look like this:

Empty bags to be filled

Now leave them all to dry (you can see some of the first trials in this photo – see what I mean about overspray on the bags?)

Some tests of making the Dig-In bags

 Repeat the process onto all of your chosen bags, buckets, signs and leaflets  until your branded up and looking fab!




Veg bag feedback…and there’s lots of it

Something happened last Saturday. Something new. Money was exchanged, photos were taken and Tweets were posted. That’s right, we sold our first ever batch of produce. How exciting!


First customer Rosie Steer 

You may remember earlier last week we sent out some Tweets and a newsletter (which if you missed it can find here) announcing that our very first veg bags were hitting the shop floor. Well, we can proudly announce that they did AND that we sold out of said bags only 2 HOURS into our usual Soup Saturday events (hooray!).

The idea behind the bags was not only to provide fresh vegetables, but to get feedback from buyers. We wanted to know what people thought of the produce, the amount of veg in each bag and what they did with the contents, and they did just that!

Our First customer, the lovely Rosie Steer, sent us this:


And this:


David Key shared this picture with us:


The Martin family also emailed some kind words after buying their bag:

“It was great to meet some embers if the team earlier today and to buy some shares :-) My daughter has been raving about the lentil soup which was delicious as was the celery one.  Do you have a recipe that you can share? I’m itching to try out the veggies from my bag. “

And check out this delicious looking dish sent in by Caroline & Nigel (a lot of us are also big fans of the plate itself – beautiful!):


Veggie Cobbler anyone?


“It was lovely to meet some of you on Saturday and to pick up our exciting first Veg Bag.  I thought you might like to see a photo of today’s meal cooked with some of your vegetables (onions, mushrooms).  All best wishes for your new venture (oh and thanks for the delicious soup and sourdough!)”

Thank you very much to Whitmuir Farm who supplied the vegetables and everyone who bought the bags and let us know what they made.  Rumor has it that we will be selling them again in the very near future. As soon as that’s confirmed, you know we’ll post it here and on our Facebook and Twitter right away.  However, if you want to keep up-to-date with the veg bags and everything else we are doing, sign up to the newsletter (to the right of this article).

In the meantime, if you bought a bag and haven’t left any feedback, you still can. Tweet us photos @diginbruntsfiel , visit the feedback page or email them to info@diginbruntsfield.co.uk

Veg bags on sale at the Dig-In shop tomorrow



This Saturday marks a monumental moment for Dig-In, we’re selling our very first vegetables!

The team has been preparing and packing veg bags that will be on sale to the public this Saturday (March 15th) from 11am-3pm. The bags have a variety of vegetables and all include fresh onions, kale, potatoes, carrots and cauliflower.

All of veg has been bought from Whitmuir Farm in Lamancha, near West Linton. The potatoes are from Dundee, carrots from Coupar Angus, the onions, cauliflower and mushrooms are all English and the kale is from Whitmuir.

The idea of the bags is not only to provide fresh vegetables, but to get your feedback. We want to know what you thought of the produce, the amount of veg in each bag and what you did with the contents. So we will be placing feedback forms in the bags and welcome your comments.

Twenty-five bags will go on sale and available on a first come first serviced basis. The bags are limited to one bag per customer due to limited stock so get down quick!

Don’t forget, we’ve extended our Soup Saturdays into March as well so will still be giving out free soup to those who stop by. We are located at 119 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh.

Here’s some more photos from the team packing the veg bags last night.