Join the Management Committee

If you’re interested in joining our Management Committee, please keep an eye out on our news feed, social media or in the shop for announcements of upcoming opportunities.

The Management Committee meets monthly, and our key responsibilities are:

For more information, check out the Management Committee Handbook. If you’d prefer to have a chat about any of the roles, please contact Dig In Chair, Isla McCulloch.

What’s it like being on the committee?

You will be part of an informal group who work together to oversee the business. We meet once a month from 6-8pm, at a venue in Bruntsfield/Morningside.

Management Committee members also have a hands-on role in supporting shop staff, for example by training volunteers, organising events at the shop and promoting our business externally. As the Management Committee are all volunteers, we understand each member will have external responsibilities. We work together to ensure the business benefits from the best each member can give.

The Chair helps guide and support the Management Committee and makes sure we function well. Other elected officers are a Vice-Chair and Treasurer.

In addition to elected officers, Management Committee members have an important role to play in a range of sub-groups that help develop aspects of the business. These sub-groups consist of volunteers, staff and Management Committee members.  As a Management Committee member, you will take an active role in one of the sub-groups in addition to your input to the Management Committee.

Who should join?

Management Committee members must be Dig In shareholders and are elected each year at our Annual Members Meeting. We welcome diversity on the Management Committee and encourage you to get in touch with our Chair, Isla McCulloch, if you are interested in joining the Committee this year.