Our People

Dig In is unlike a normal small shop in that we are a community enterprise and wouldn’t exist without the hard work and support from lots of people across the community.

As well as our small staff team, who manage the shop on a day-to-day basis, we have shop volunteers working behind the till and stacking shelves and a Management Committee and subgroups of the committee who do work behind the scenes in everything from events, promotion, policies, operations and finance. Finally, we wouldn’t be here at all without the generous support from our 300 shareholders.

As a registered Community Benefit Society, we have the privilege and responsibility to engage with our community and not represent any one individual’s interests.


We have a small but dedicated team of staff who manage the daily shop operations and keep Dig In looking fresh and beautiful all year round.


We wouldn’t survive without the squad of Dig In volunteers who come in and bring their own expertise and enthusiasm to the running of the shop. Volunteering with Dig In is a great way to get to know your local community, learn new skills and play shop for a while!

Why not read our volunteer profiles to find out more about them. Or check out our information for new volunteers, and drop a volunteer form to us by email or in the shop.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is elected by our shareholders to support Dig In behind the scenes with all matters business, finance, HR, promotion and community engagement and operations. Working with the relevant subgroups, the Management Committee is responsible for all manner of things!

If you’re interested in contributing and learning more about the running of a community enterprise, consider joining us here

Catherine Francis – Chairperson

As a gardener I value the taste of fresh fruit and veg, but, being in Scotland, it doesn’t come all year around. Having a good greengrocer in the neighbourhood is important to me. As Vice-chair of the committee I have been involved in a range of issues from grant funding to recruiting staff but I still get to do the fun bit of an occasional Saturday in the shop… In my day-job, I have worked with community initiatives throughout Scotland and have been inspired by the commitment people can give. Being involved in Dig-In is an excellent opportunity to get first-hand experience of just doing it.

Isla McCulloch – Secretary

I started volunteering with Dig-In before we opened, helping to raise shares from the local community over a cup of soup and went on to become a regular shop volunteer before choosing to join the Management Committee. I work as an Assistant Development Officer for Social Investment Scotland and am passionate about the power and potential of community and social enterprise to make a tangible and sustainable impact in Scotland and beyond. I’m in charge of “sh-operations” at Dig-In and Vice-Chair of the committee too. I have represented Dig-In at various events and learning trips and have been known to do the odd presentation/talk on who we are and the nitty gritty of community greengrocering!

Amanda Lake – Publicity and Community Engagement

As one of many Aussies who have decided Scotland was a fine place to live, I’ve enjoyed the chance to become part of the Bruntsfield community over the past five years. I enjoy helping out with the behind the scenes aspects as convenor of the PACE sub-group and love the idea of my son growing up with a shop like Dig-In next door. I look forward to continuing to help Dig-In grow and develop for the community. As well as having a love of cooking and discovering local foods, wherever my travels take me, I enjoy the great Scottish outdoors and can often be found surfing on the east coast or hiking in the Highlands!